Radish fertilization technology points

The fertilizer requirement of radish is that the absorption of NPK is slower in the early stage of radish growth, and it accelerates with the growth. The growth of NPK is the most abundant. The absorption of NPK in radish varies greatly in different growth stages. Generally, the amount of nitrogen absorbed is higher in seedling stage, and the amount of phosphorus and potassium absorbed is less. In the early stage of succulent root enlargement, the absorption of potassium by plants is significantly increased, followed by Nitrogen and phosphorus, at the peak of nutrient absorption during the period of succulent root expansion, therefore, ensuring adequate nutrition during this period is the key to high yield of radish.
The fertilization technique is: under the medium fertility level, the fertilization amount per mu of the radish in the whole growth period is 3000~3500 kg (or commercial organic fertilizer 350~400 kg), nitrogen fertilizer 14~16 kg, phosphate fertilizer 6~8 kg, potassium fertilizer 9~11. Kilograms, nitrogen and potassium fertilizers are divided into base fertilizers and secondary topdressing fertilizers. Phosphate fertilizers are all used as base fertilizers, and fertilizers and farmyard manure (or commercial organic fertilizers) are mixedly applied. Base fertilizer: 3000~3500kg of farmyard manure or 350~400kg of commercial organic fertilizer per acre, 5~6kg of urea, 13~17kg of diammonium phosphate and 5~7kg of potassium sulfate. Topdressing: In the early stage of the expansion of fleshy roots, 11~13 kg of urea and 8~9 kg of potassium sulphate were applied. The fleshy roots were swollen in the middle of the mu, 9~10 kg of urea and 5~6 kg of potassium sulfate. Top dressing: In the middle and late growth period, 0.3% calcium nitrate and 0.2% boric acid can be sprayed 2~3 times to prevent calcium deficiency and boron deficiency. At the same time, 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate can be sprayed on the foliage to increase yield and quality.
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