Tea plantation winter fertilizer management technology

   The winter fertilizer management of tea gardens includes fertilization, deep tillage, and garden closure.
   First, fertilization
   In general, the tea plantation is applied to the base fertilizer from the end of October to the beginning of November. The fertilization amount per mu of the mature tea plantation is 1500-3000 kg, or 150-200 kg of cake fertilizer, and 40 kg of compound fertilizer.
   Second, deep ploughing
   Deep ploughing can improve soil water storage and fertilizer retention, eliminate deep root weeds and wintering worms, and create conditions for next year's production increase.
   The deep ploughing time is generally from late October to early November, and the depth of ploughing is 20-30 cm. It should be ploughed once a year.
   Deep tillage should be carried out in conjunction with the application of base fertilizer. When deep tillage, it should also be combined with rhizosphere soil to prevent heat preservation and prevent soil erosion.
   Third, the closure of the park    

   After the tea garden is stopped, the garden is sealed with 0.3-0.5% stone sulphur mixture, which has good control effect on mites, white mites, mites and leaf diseases.

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