Research and Implementation of AutoCAD and PDM Information Integration Technology Solution (3)

2 Creation of basic design information database in product design drawing

By processing the basic design information such as products and their shadow parts, it is possible to reflect the basic conditions of the m component products. 1) Reflect the logical structure of the product - the product structure tree. The code numbering of a product and its zero/parts can establish the logical composition of the tree structure of the product structure. It is an important part of PDM. 2) Reflect the composition of all materials, zero/part type and quantity of the entire product, ie bill of materials (BOM). 3) Reflecting the management of design information such as design signature and design approval, and providing design process information for product design management. 4) Reflect the process design information. Integration with CAPP information provides basic design information that can be directly utilized for computer-aided process design.

In short, the automatic establishment of the product basic design information database provides a basic database for information integration for PDM and CAPP, and is an important part of CAD/CAPP/PDM information integration.

2.1 Title column, detail column Zhanyi block establishment

1) Create a tile: Make a title bar or a detail bar. You can use interactive drawing or programmatic.

2) Attribute definition: The attribute values ​​defined in the title bar block include part code, part name, part code, material, total amount, drawing scale and frame information, as well as the designer and date used to design the batch, the auditor and Date, process review and date, standardization and date, and approval and date. The attribute values ​​defined in the parts list are code, name, material, quantity, and attribute.

3) Output block graphic file: The defined attribute block should output the graphic file as a global block and save it in a specific path and folder.

2.2 Editing the title bar and parts list in the product design drawing

In the product pattern design process, the title bar and the part column information are edited. This process is the attribute adding process of the graphic file. There are many ways to add attributes. How to edit in the most appropriate way, in line with the engineering operators' operating habits, etc. are all factors that must be considered to ensure data correctness. AutoCAD VBA is an object-oriented programming technique that allows you to add attributes to the title bar and detail bar by running the VBA Forms module program.

2.3 Title column, detail column information data extraction and database construction

There are two ways to extract the title bar and the part list attribute in the file. One is to add the attribute value to the record of the data table while editing the title bar and the part list. If the title bar or schedule is modified, then The program also modifies the data table record; the other is that after the title bar and the schedule are edited, the tile with the specific name inserted in the convenient image file is executed, and the attributes are taken out and added to the database.

3 Data exchange and information integration through VBA applications

The AutoCAD VBA project was created and edited under the VBA Integrated Development Environment (VBA IDE). VBA projects can be embedded VBA projects or independent global VBA projects. The global VBA project has many functions, can be run in AutoCAD graphics, and can also open and close AutoCAD graphics in the project. Global projects are easier to share with other users, and you can create shared macro repositories that should be saved as global projects when developing generic applications using VBA. Global projects are not automatically loaded, and the Ding must be loaded separately to execute the macros.

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