Ezhou Environmental Protection Bureau investigated and dealt with an illegal pickling diamond cutter

Recently, the law enforcement team of the Ezhou Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau inspected and handled an illegal pickling knife workshop, confiscation of 33 barrels of pickled raw materials (total 3 tons), and nearly 60 pieces of equipment (sets). This is another environmental violation incident after the bureau investigated and dealt with four illegal pickling cutters in September.
According to the public's report and the "people-friendly hotline", there are six groups of Yanshan Village in Yanji Town who have privately-made small workshops for the processing of pickled diamond cutter heads. The bureau verified that the situation was true: Li Mou, a villager of 16 villages in Lushan Village, performed open-pit pickling diamond cutters on the bank of the Yangtze River. The toxic waste water and waste gas emitted during the pickling process had a serious impact on the surrounding environment. . The environmental law enforcement officers immediately dispatched and took measures such as confiscation of materials, defamation of equipment and investigation of legal responsibility of the responsible person in accordance with relevant legal procedures.
This year, in order to prevent the repetitive occurrence or flow of pickled diamond cutters, the law enforcement officers of the bureau have strictly guarded the defense in key areas and increased law enforcement. In the next step, the bureau will further take relevant measures to increase the inspection and inspection of non-working days, and at the same time, increase the publicity and education of environmental protection to ensure that the pickled diamond cutters are effectively contained.

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