Jieshun Technology: the leader in the domestic import and export control and management industry

Shenzhen Jieshun Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. has now developed into a leading company in the domestic import and export control and management industry. Jieshun technology products mainly include intelligent parking management system, intelligent access control system, intelligent channel gate management system. Among them, the intelligent parking management system and Daozha applied to the parking lot management are its superior products, with market share reaching 13.88% and 13.27%, respectively.

Better Companies Share More Market Increments The increase in car ownership, the increase in property management requirements, the acceleration of the urbanization process, and the increase in public safety and order requirements will be the main factors that will promote the rapid development of domestic export and import control and management industries. In 2009, the market demand for China's import and export control and management industry products reached 3.982 billion yuan, and the market demand in 2014 is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan.

Import and export control and management The industry is dominated by private small and medium-sized enterprises. There are about 500 companies in the country. The degree of market concentration is relatively low. The quality of products and services of various manufacturers are uneven. In contrast, overseas integrated solution providers such as Honeywell occupy an important position in the high-end security market. Domestic enterprises are in the stage of development from low-end to high-end, and the industry has a strong demand for integration. Under the premise of large-scale development of the industry, a small number of outstanding companies with clear advantages in product development, operation management, and customer service, and who have a deep understanding of market development trends and changes in customer needs will come to the fore and grow up to be the best in the industry.

Technical Advantages Leading the Position of Industry Leaders Jieshun Technology is a leader in the domestic import and export control and management industry. Jieshun technology has obvious technological advantages in the industry. As early as 1995, Jieshun Technology had developed the first intelligent parking management system in China, and later participated in the drafting and formulation of multiple standards and specifications in the industry, accumulatively applied for 120 patents, and obtained 6 software copyrights. The research and development investment of Jieshun Technology has also increased year by year in the past three years. In 2010, R&D expenditure reached 11.62 million yuan, an increase of 26.89% year-on-year in 2009.

With strong technical strength, Jieshun technology products are always at the leading level in the industry. Jieshun technology digital barrier products are the first in the industry to achieve advanced functions such as stepless adjustment of the speed of the gate brake, real-time detection of the status of the gate bar. The strong technical strength of Jieshun technology ensures that its products always lead the industry, while most of the other manufacturers in the industry can only be in a “trailing” trend for a long time.

The technological advantage has created two prominent business competitiveness of Jieshun. The first is the ability of independent pricing. With excellent product quality, Jieshun Technology has obtained certain pricing advantages. Its intelligent parking management system and Daozha products are 10% to 20% more expensive than their peers, and intelligent parking management, smart access control, and intelligent channel gates. The average growth rate of the unit price of products for the past three years reached 6.83%, 10.46% and 3.3% respectively.

The second is the ability to gain customers' favor. According to statistics, the customer satisfaction rate of Jieshun Technology Intelligent Parking Management System in 2009 was 99.30%; the products of Barrier Gate were running 2 million times without failure, and the intelligent channel gate management system continuously operated 3 million times without failure. More than 100,000 customers have used Jieshun technology products or services over the years. Vanke, OCT, China Merchants Real Estate and other well-known real estate developers in the development of high-end real estate are also basically using Jieshun technology products.

Multi-path drive sustained high growth The main business income of Jieshun Technology increased from 225,202,800 yuan in 2008 to 309,805,200 yuan in 2010, with a compound growth rate of 18.12%, and net profit increased from 3,018,890 yuan in 2008 to 2010. 51.385 million yuan, with a compound growth rate of 27.10%.

Moreover, this growth trend is expected to continue. Currently, Jieshun Technology actively develops its market. The average annual growth rates in South China, East China, and other regions in China are 11.41%, 18.52%%, and 53.63%, respectively. Under the background that Jieshun Technology actively develops overseas markets, the average annual growth rate of export business income is 49.51%, but the proportion of export business income to Jieshun's business revenue is still relatively low. Because Jieshun technology products have strong competitiveness, in overseas markets, it is expected to replicate the successful experience of the domestic market.

The second is the snowball effect is obvious. The huge user base accumulated by Jieshun Technology for many years has gradually brought about considerable after-sales service revenue, which is expected to become the new performance growth point of Jieshun Technology in the future. In 2009 and 2010, the growth rate of Jieshun's service revenue reached about 30%, while the overall revenue of Jieshun Technology increased by 10% and 26.8% during the same period, and service income growth was significantly higher than the overall revenue. 2010 Jieshun Technology's after-sales service revenue and gross profit reached 16.72 million yuan and 15.07 million yuan, respectively, and gross profit accounted for nearly 10%. With the continuous growth of the main business income of Jieshun Technology, the contribution from the main business income and net profit of after-sales service will increase rapidly.

The third is to raise funds projects. The funds raised will be invested in three projects: import and export control and management system product industrialization project, marketing network expansion project, R&D center construction, and a new generation of intelligent security information system platform (NISSP) development project. These projects are beneficial to consolidate the existing business advantages of Jieshun Technology, enhance the competitiveness of Jieshun Technology, and further strengthen the leading position of Jieshun Technology in the entrance and exit control and management industries. Moreover, with the continuous release of production capacity, it is expected to ease the production bottleneck of Jieshun Technology and help Jieshun Technology continue its high growth.

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