Pump vibration causes and vibration isolation methods

Urban construction tends to be at a high level, and people's living water needs to be pressurized and promoted. As an important pressurization pump upgrade equipment, the use of more and more widely. However, the noise and vibration problems brought by it have also raised the issue of how to control and protect environmentalists. In this paper, the origin of the pump vibration analysis, and put forward several views on disposal. First, the pump vibration causes 1, because the pump manufacturing process, but off: rotor imbalance; pump and motor shaft is not the heart; rotor and stator part of the collision or friction; 2, due to the use of longer, pump wear aging: impeller loose ; Bearing damage or bearing clearance large; 3, the pump inlet pipe, the impeller, there are impurities in the pump; the pump and the foundation is not fixed, the phenomenon of resonance to strengthen and so on; 4, water pump work to promote water flow, , Cavitation will inevitably produce vibration; Thus, we can conclude: There are many reasons for the pump vibration, some of which is inevitable to produce a lot of vibration. This requires that we deal with the issue of pump vibration in addition to the pump itself to enhance the manufacturing process to reduce the vibration amplitude, the pump through the installation of rubber vibration isolators, spring isolators, inertia base pump vibration has become an important method. Second, the control of the pump vibration control: 1, the installation of spring isolators: a. The choice of pump spring isolator style: the general use of self-standing spring shock absorber, the advantages of simple structure, lower cost; spring exposed, Easy to observe the state of the spring at any time for the spring to be replaced ahead of schedule to avoid excessive damage to the spring corrosion caused by sudden subsidence of the pump caused by equipment damage and pipeline rupture and other images. b. Selection of springs: The spring used by the general manufacturer of shock absorbers shall meet the following requirements: The diameter of the spring shall not be less than 0.8 times the height of the spring under the rated load; the spring shall have an extra stroke and the vortex flowmeter shall be at least equal to the rated static 50% of the deflection; the horizontal stiffness of the spring is at least 100% of the rigidity of the steel to ensure the stability of the shock absorber. c. The choice of spring shock absorber deflection; Usually shock absorber manufacturer's arch spring shock absorber rated deflection (spring rated compression) is generally 25MM (from the frequency value of about 3-4HZ), the deflection should be 650 Vibration per minute of the pump. When the speed is lower than 650, it is recommended to use spring isolators with deflection below 40. 2, installation of rubber vibration isolator: rubber vibration isolator choice: material generally neoprene (CR), natural rubber (NR); generally use compression rubber shock absorber, for lighter weight pump, optional Shear-type rubber shock absorber; compared to the spring shock absorber, rubber shock absorber vibration isolation performance is relatively more difference. 3, the installation of inertia base: In order to meet the more stringent vibration system standards, installation of inertia base, with the use of spring isolators, is undoubtedly the best choice. The specifications of the inertia base: the weight of the base is about 1-2 times the weight of the water pump; the frame is formed by the locking of the slot iron, the height of which is not less than 1/12 of the length but not less than 150MM and not more than 300MM; Wide size should be able to cover the entire pump, and more than 10-15 cm each side is appropriate. And best to cover the bayou; watering cement, and built a layer of steel mesh at one-third of the height; installation of spring isolator base and base spacing to 3-5 cm. Third, the pump vibration control effect: Based on the pump equipment, through the above method can reach more than 85-99% of the vibration isolation effect, so as to fundamentally solve the pump vibration brought to people's lives, and industrial problems.

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