2013 China Top Ten Brands of Sanitary Ware

Top ten brands of China's sanitary wares in 2013: Huida HUIDA, Toto TOTO, Kohler KOhler, Wrigley ARROW, Whale SSWW, Dufini DOFINY, Eurolink OLE, Hengjie HeGII, Philippine FANSKI, Anwar annwa. Paying attention to the ranking of the top ten brands of China's sanitary wares in 2013 will have certain benefits for sanitary ware entrepreneurs and consumers. The following is a summary of the corporate styles of the top ten brands in 2013 China sanitary wares for the reference of industry professionals and consumers.


Huida Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., the top ten brands of sanitary wares and sanitary wares, the top ten brands of toilets and bathtubs, the well-known (famous) ceramic brands, the well-known Chinese trademarks, the Chinese famous brand, the 500 most valuable brands in China, and the key cultivation of the Ministry of Commerce. Developed China's export brand, one of the largest and the oldest sanitary household products companies in China

Huida brand headquarters is located in Tangshan Huida Ceramics City, with nearly 10,000 employees. More than 2,000 types of products. Among them, the annual output of ceramic sanitary wares such as face washers and toilets is 9 million pieces, and there are 17 natural gas tunnel kiln production lines. In addition, Huida also owns bathroom and bathroom accessories such as wall tiles, bathroom cabinets, hardware faucets and accessories.

With more than 1,800 sales outlets across the country, Huida is one of the most familiar sanitary brands in China. It is the brand with the highest brand value in China's ceramic sanitary ware industry over the years. Throughout the world, Huida's products are widely used by consumers in more than 90 countries and regions.

With the concept of “creative, taste and life”, Huida Sanitary is aiming to become “the world's most outstanding sanitary ware brand”, and constantly create environmentally-friendly and fashionable products with excellent functions and reliability, bringing high-quality life to the world. .

â—† Quality comes from tradition

Tangshan is known as the "Northern Porcelain Capital". The history of producing ceramics has been hundreds of years. In 1914, the first sanitary porcelain in Chinese history was born in Tangshan, and Tangshan became the birthplace of China's sanitary ceramics industry. As the successor of Tangshan ceramic culture, Huida Group regards product quality as the life of the company at the beginning of its establishment.

Huida put forward very early: "Ning ten million pieces, do not sell once a disability", resolutely put an end to unqualified products leaving the factory. In 1997, Huida first smashed all the third-class products. Since 2000, it has eliminated all the second-class products, and the first products in the industry to achieve all the products are excellent. It has created a precedent for the Chinese sanitary ware industry, making Huicheng synonymous with high-quality sanitary ware products.

Huida implements all-round and three-dimensional management and control of product quality, and strictly controls quality. Through the implementation of international quality standards and management standards, attention to quality details, the pursuit of perfection of each product.

Hu Huiwen, the founder and current chairman of Huida, has developed a strategy of “Quality Sanitary Ware” as the core for Huida. Because of its outstanding contribution, it has also become the leading figure in the Chinese sanitary ware industry with the most honors. Has won the national outstanding entrepreneurs, the national "May 1" labor medal, the national model of labor and other honorary titles. He is also the deputy to the National People's Congress, the vice president of the China Building Materials Federation, and the vice president of the China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association.

â—† Technology leads the future

Another secret of Huida's high quality is the constant pursuit and investment in technology and R&D. Huida has nearly 1,000 research and development and technology teams. In order to create an ergonomic bathroom with a comfortable experience, Huida has designed from the beginning of design to create the greatest comfort for the ultimate use of consumers from design aesthetics, practical science, and experience psychology. Therefore, before the birth of a set of sanitary wares, a large amount of research and testing work has already begun. The annual R&D investment of the company is much higher than the industry average. And took the lead in setting up a research and development center overseas.

Huida has many products with leading technology and intellectual property at home and abroad. Huida is the first sanitary ware company to independently develop and put 3.8 liters of water-saving toilets on the market. It is at the forefront of the world in the development of water-saving functions. Huida's nano self-cleaning glaze sanitary ware is also the first in China. Self-cleaning glaze combines sterilization and antibacterial functions, and its wide application is of great significance for improving public health environment and improving public health.

In order to be in line with international quality, Huida has introduced internationally advanced and domestically leading equipment from the United States, Italy and other countries, and has absorbed and absorbed innovations, bringing technology, technology and equipment to the international advanced level. Huida's mechanized production process is in an absolute leading position in China. It has greatly promoted the improvement of production efficiency, improvement of working environment and improvement of product quality.

â—† Creativity, taste, life

Huida always regards design and innovation as the soul of products, and establishes the design direction of individualization and differentiation, environmental protection and water conservation, health and leisure, technology and intelligence. With Huida design that represents the world-class level. The team of teachers constantly draws inspiration from the world of nature, fashion and color, and constantly innovates in product design to create an unparalleled modern bathroom life for consumers.

In product design, Huida focuses on market research and understanding the needs of domestic and foreign consumers, and has established a comprehensive market research and product database. Make product R&D design the perfect combination of science and creativity.

Huida has a wealth of design talents and has established close cooperative relations with well-known designers at home and abroad. By holding design forums and establishing designer clubs, we can get the latest design information at home and abroad, and lead the trend of bathroom product design.

In the same industry, Huida first realized the intelligent demand of the sanitary industry. For the needs of consumers, the intelligent toilet EPO (EPO is derived from epochal, meaning a new era, epoch-making), has become the top ceramic technology and leading electronics. The perfect combination of technology, the emergence of EPO is a milestone in the history of Chinese sanitary ware.

From the perspective of humanization, Huida has also developed sanitary ware suitable for disabled people and special sanitary ware products developed for children. The development of these humanized products has enabled Huida's products to meet the needs of consumers to the utmost extent.

In order to meet the diversified needs of consumers, Huida has established a series of brands with different styles. In addition to the Huida brand, there are also high-end brands such as Du Fini featuring European style, AITO featuring oriental culture style, and YOUHIN, which is a favorite household item. Huida is gradually transforming from a sanitary ware manufacturer to a high-quality living household goods integrated service provider.

â—† Reputation is spread all over the world

Huida trademark is the first Chinese well-known trademark in China's sanitary ceramics industry. It is the only one in the same industry selected by the Ministry of Commerce for “focusing on the development and development of China's export brand”. It is the first Chinese sanitary ceramics industry to pass the ISO9001 quality system and product certification. , and water-saving product certification, environmental labeling and other certification of sanitary ware enterprises. Huida Sanitary Ware has won the top eight Olympic venues including the National Stadium with outstanding quality and service, and has become the most important bathroom supplies supplier for the Beijing Olympic Games. At the same time, Huida Sanitary Ware entered the three major Expo venues including the Space Home Pavilion and was recognized by the Shanghai World Expo.

Huida Sanitary Ware not only focuses on high-tech, high-standard quality, but also focuses on global vision. It is guided by the world's high-end human-residential bathroom experience, and leads the Chinese sanitary ware industry to continuously open up the international market.

Some sanitary ceramics exported by Huida passed the export exemption qualification examination organized by the AQSIQ, becoming the first enterprise in the national sanitary ceramics industry to receive this qualification. When the related products are exported, they will be exempted from inspection and directly cleared.

At the same time, Huida has been certified by the United States (C) UPC, Canada CSA, Australia SAI, South Korea KS and other countries. The Huida trademark has been successfully registered in 26 countries and regions such as the United States, Germany and South Korea.

â—† The pursuit of never ending

In June 2009, when Premier Wen Jiabao inspected the Huida Group, he raised three hopes: “I hope that Huida will be the first in China and the first in the world, and take it to the next level.” To this end, Huida began to launch a new Development strategy. It is the goal of becoming a diversified and comprehensive home products and service company in the field of sanitary products.

Huida invested 600 million yuan to build a sanitary technology park covering an area of ​​628 acres. It has become the largest production base of copper material processing, faucet manufacturing, stainless steel sink, ceramic machinery equipment, bathroom furniture and kitchen furniture in China, making Huicheng a large-scale comprehensive enterprise with the largest scale in Asia and the fifth largest in the world.

While striving for bigger and stronger, scale and product quality, Huida also regards it as the most important enterprise in the same industry. It has invested more than 50 million yuan to build welfare facilities such as parks, schools and hospitals. Donated more than 20 million yuan for social welfare undertakings such as education, disaster relief, transportation and special care. It is the first enterprise in the sanitary ware enterprise to donate RMB million to the Wenchuan disaster area. It is also the first private enterprise to donate to the Yushu disaster area in Qinghai.

As a leader in the sanitary industry, Huida is fully committed to leading the industry to “build a green industrial chain” and promote the development of China's low-carbon economy on the basis of realizing green production and advocating green consumption of customers.

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