What kind of furniture is the first choice for furniture?

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The leather furniture can be said to be used in the middle and the middle. Its texture is soft and elastic, and it has the characteristics of toughness, wear resistance and sweat absorption. It is also easy to maintain in daily life. The new home is ready for renovation, and the furniture is naturally put on the agenda. However, in the face of the furniture mall with many styles and brands, what kind of furniture is suitable for you?

The designer of the soft suit suggested that the choice of furniture should not only start from the brand, but also from the style and material. According to the manufacturing materials of furniture, the furniture in the current furniture market covers solid wood, leather, board, fabric and other types. Consumers can combine their aesthetic views, consumption budget, indoor style and other factors according to their characteristics. A home that matches your personality. The following is a list of the characteristics of several different materials for the reader's reference.

Solid wood

Luxury and generous price

At present, there are solid wood furniture for sale at Binjin Gold Wuling or Bo Royal Residence Expo Center. In the traditional sense, the feeling of solid wood is always stupid, and the traces of time and history are intentionally or unintentionally engraved. Now, this situation seems to be changing.

According to the furniture guides of Bo Royal Residence Mall, there are many solid wood furniture such as solid wood beds, solid wood sofas, solid wood coffee tables, solid wood dining tables, etc. on the market. Many of them have abandoned the traditional stereotypes and bulky styles. Instead, they give people a kind of It is more sunshine, modern, full of modern life.

Strictly speaking, solid wood furniture includes solid wood furniture and imitation wood furniture. Pure solid wood furniture means that all the materials of the furniture are solid wood. For example, the door panels and side panels of the wardrobe are made of pure solid wood, and no other forms of wood-based panels are used. Pure solid wood furniture has high requirements on craftsmanship and materials. The requirements for selection, drying, finger jointing and seaming of solid wood are very strict. Therefore, the cost is also high.

The imitation of solid wood furniture, from the appearance, the natural texture, feel and color of the wood is exactly the same as pure solid wood furniture, but in fact it is a mixture of solid wood and wood-based panels, such as the side panels, bottoms, shelves and other components of the wardrobe. Wood or veneer fiberboard is used for veneer, while solid wood is used for doors and drawers. This process saves wood and reduces costs, so it is more acceptable in terms of price.

Scope of application:

In general, solid wood furniture is more suitable for young and middle-aged consumers, and relatively speaking, its price is relatively high. In some luxury houses and villas, if you put on luxurious and solid wood furniture, it will greatly enhance the taste of the home, and the solid wood furniture has a distinct advantage, that is, luxury and not tacky, full of cultural charm. Plate type

Stylish and modern styles

It is understood that in the Qingyuan home market, panel furniture is more common. The first impression of panel furniture is fashion. When the panel furniture was just launched in the market, it has won the favor of many consumers with its relatively sunny appearance. Many young people choose panel furniture mainly because the panel furniture has a variety of veneers, which is very important in the process of home matching, because different veneers can have different colors and different textures, and after a flexible combination, it will produce Amazing feeling. In addition, the exterior design of the panel furniture is also varied, and it can quickly keep up with the trend of modern homes, full of personality.

However, since the panel furniture was copied in a large area, some furniture manufacturers did not deal with the problem of environmental protection of the board edge and glue, so the environmental protection problem of the panel furniture was once the focus of attention. At present, with the introduction and implementation of the concept of “green home”, many powerful panel furniture have also produced a lot of “environmental protection” cards, striving to make plate furniture healthy and environmentally friendly.

Scope of application:

Because of its relatively modern and trendy, with the improvement of various manufacturing technologies, panel furniture has overcome many of its own shortcomings and has become an important part of the furniture market. Generally speaking, the range of plate furniture is relatively wide, and large-sized houses, medium-sized houses, small apartments, etc. can all adopt panel furniture, because the form of panel furniture is more flexible, the style is also diverse, and the adaptability is relatively strong. What's important is that the price of panel furniture is relatively low compared to solid wood furniture, which is more suitable for the appetite of young consumers.


Stable and outstanding appearance

The reason why leather furniture is liked by many consumers who pursue home taste is because the leather has a noble appearance and can reflect the identity of the owner. At the same time, the leather furniture can be said to be used in the middle and the middle. Its texture is soft and flexible, and it is itself With toughness, wear resistance, sweat absorption and other characteristics, it is easier to maintain in daily life.

In leather furniture, due to the difference in the quality of the skin, the difference in the parts of the skin and the way the skin is treated, the leather products may have different touches, which may be soft as fibers, thick and tough, and different quality of leather. There is also a big gap in prices.

Leather sofas are most common with sofas and chairs, and they are more versatile. In terms of style, it is ever-changing due to its color, shape and mix with other materials: French leather sofas are both elegant and modern. In the Italian style, avant-garde furniture made of leather is often used, or it is combined with steel pipes and wood to present a different appearance from the whole leather products. In addition, today's leather dyeing technology is excellent, and pastel colors such as pastels can be found, making leather furniture more varied and more choices.

Scope of application:

Leather sofas are suitable for most families, but because leather is most afraid of sharp objects, if there are children in the home, it should be carefully considered. In addition, the family of cats and dogs as pets should also pay attention to the claws of small animals so as not to catch the surface of the leather.


Fashionable light petty bourgeoisie

In recent years, a large number of fabric beds, fabric sofas, etc. have entered the homes of young consumers. In addition to the relatively low price, they also have a lot to do with their own characteristics.

Fabric furniture with light and elegant shape, bright colors, harmonious colors, beautiful and varied patterns, soft texture brings a bright and lively atmosphere to the living room, more in line with people's advocating nature, the pursuit of leisure, relaxed taste. At the same time, the fabric furniture also has the characteristics of being cleanable or changing the cloth cover, and the cloth sleeves of different colors can be replaced according to the mood at any time.

Scope of application:

The weight of the fabric sofa is light, easy to move, easy to change and other factors have become an important reason for many people to choose fabric furniture, especially for young home buyers who are not very stable in life, because its price is relatively low, so it is very Meet their appetite. For this reason, fabric furniture is popular among young consumers.

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