In the summer, the wooden floor should also pay attention to "de-sweat and moisture-proof"

Resident Li said: "In exchange for youth and blood and sweat for a warm and comfortable home, but often because of some small problems on the wooden floor and headaches, do not know how to maintain" So, how to maintain different types of wooden flooring in the summer?

First, the direct sunlight should be avoided. Long-term exposure will affect the service life of the wooden floor and reduce the daylight hours. Then, you should also keep the heat source away from the wooden floor and do not talk about the air conditioning vents against the wooden floor to avoid the huge temperature difference causing the furniture to crack and deform.

Second, the summer temperature is high, people are prone to sweating, but also to avoid direct contact of human sweat with the surface of the wooden floor to avoid the erosion of sweat on the wooden floor for a long time.

Third, use a soft, damp cloth to wipe, and wipe it along the texture when wiping. This special wiping can avoid the damage to the wooden floor for a long time and affect the appearance. Or wrap the walnuts in gauze and wrap them with a wooden texture to provide a glazing effect.

Under high temperature conditions, the internal moisture of the wood is volatile, causing the floor to shrink, so that the gap at the floor splicing becomes wider, which seriously causes the floor of the floor to detach and crack. Therefore, when using it in summer, pay attention to waterproof. Keep the ventilation distance near the wall of the outer wall and the bathroom. When scrubbing, wipe it with a wrung wet towel to avoid scratching the paint.

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