Domestic hardware production status

Domestic hardware production status There are many problems in China's hardware and water parts, but because hardware and water parts are inherently hidden, they will not be valued by consumers. This will give manufacturers a chance to opportunistically use them. Doing a fuss in hardware parts can also save yourself a lot of money.

In fact, hardware and water parts are not much different in appearance. Whether they are domestically manufactured hardware parts or hardware parts produced abroad, they are not only very similar in the appearance design of the products, but also are very close to the use of the products. of. If you simply use domestic hardware and water quality compared with foreign countries, then the domestic hardware is indeed a little inferior, but this is not to say that these products will appear during the use of the problem, but that the life of the product Not as long as foreign products. For consumers, of course, it is hoped that the products can be maintained, so that they can save the trouble of asking people to replace the hardware. Although the price of hardware alone is not expensive and generally cheap, nobody wants to spend their energy and time on these things.

What are the domestic hardware production conditions? Through the visit, it was found that most of the hardware items sold in the market were produced by small private workshops, and the large-scale hardware production companies with a certain scale were almost one of the few. Although the quality of the hardware products produced by this small workshop does not appear to be too large, it is very difficult to meet the eligibility criteria if these small workshop products are measured in accordance with strict standards. As the small workshops are less subject to supervision by the industrial and commercial departments, the products they produce will also lack some necessary tests. Therefore, even if the products on the market of hardware and water products are the same model, there will be some differences in appearance or size.

Hardware water parts are not really a small problem. Do we think about whether these things are installed in bathroom products? It is said that the use of a small component such as a chip in a faucet is not compatible with the faucet, so it will certainly affect the faucet. This will not only reduce the service life of the hardware, but also reduce the service life of the faucet. . As described in the same old saying: A thousand miles of levees was destroyed by ant colonies. The problems caused by the small hardware parts will not be as small as it is. Don't wait until it damages your bathroom products. You regret that you didn't pay attention to it. Therefore, consumers must purchase the brand's professional hardware.

Magnetic Pot Magnet Round Base are ceramic or neodymium magnets clad with a steel cup. Magnetic strength can be multiplied with the block of the steel cup, These magnets are often found in applications requiring a strong holding device or the ability to attach a post or hook to hang inspection equipment, indicator gauges, lamps, signs, antennas and other items.

 The steel cup outside the magnet will protect the magnet from the direct impact when meet other iron or steel things, also, these steel cup will protect the magnet form corrosion of the outdoor humid environment.

 The Rubber Magnet Base is made of small Neodymium Magnet discs, steel,and rubber, these magnet discs will effect the magnetic loop with each other and spread out, the steel plate will block and enlarge the magnetism of these magnet discs,the rubber that cover the magnets and steel plate will protect the magnet from impact and corrosion. rubber magnet base is a amazing invent with great help.

 Magnetic pot magnet round base are very long of using life, they can keep their magnetism for more than 10 years in the outdoor humid hot environment. Over 15 years in the indoor environment.

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Pot Magnet Round Base

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