The role of three components of jade wool

People who know jadeite may have heard of wool. For some newcomers who are just getting started, they may not know very well. In fact, wool is the jade stone that has not been processed after the jade stone is mined. Let's come here. Learn about its composition.

The wool is usually composed of three parts: the skin (skin), the fog, and the jade:

The first part is the leather shell, and the skin of the wool is divided into sand skin (mountain stone) and water skin (water stone). In addition, the skin of the semi-mountain and semi-water stone is thinner than the rock, thicker than the water stone.

Emerald wool  

The sand skin shell of the mountain stone wool has yellow salt sand skin, black sand skin, gray black sand skin, iron scale skin and gray sand skin.

The water skin shell of water stone wool has yellow water skin, yellow white water skin, yellow wax water skin, brown yellow water skin and yellow red water skin.

The wool skin of the semi-mountain and semi-water stone has fine sand skin, water skin, aloe leaf skin and bacon skin.

There are fog, cockroaches, pine flowers, cockroaches, etc. on the skin, and the shape is strips, flakes, spots, and filaments. Accurately distinguishing these traits is an important basis for fans who buy wool and gambling stones to judge jade and jade.

The second part is fog. The fog is between the wool skin and the jade meat. There are white fog, yellow fog, blue water fog, black fog, red fog, etc. The color is obviously different from the skin and jade. The fog in the wool can be used to identify the location and quality of the material.

The third part is jade meat. Jade meat is generally considered from four aspects. One is to look at the split, to see the size and position of the split, to distinguish how to open the material and use the material; the second is to look at the ground, that is Texture, such as glass, ice, bean, oil green, etc.; the third is to see the color, the focus is green, such as emperor green, Zhengyang green, etc.; the fourth is to see the clarity, such as the performance of jade meat is to buy The material and semi-materials are important basis for judging material quality and price.  

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