The characteristics of triangular self tapping screws

The main difference between triangular tapping screws and self tapping screws is that the head shape is not the same, but also the definition of the head shape.

Self-tapping screws are used for non-metallic or soft metals, not low holes and tapping; self-tapping screws are pointed head, so that they can self-tapping, pitch is relatively large; ordinary screws are flat head , consistent thickness.
The self-tapping screw is said to be: The drilled hole is a hole that does not require tapping. The screw used is different from the general one. The head is pointed and the pitch is relatively large. It is similar to the tapping without tapping and can be directly screwed in without tapping. Metals and plastics usually use this method.

Triangular self-tapping screws can rely on their own threads on the material being consolidated and will be "threaded-drilled, extruded, pressed" by the consolidation body to make corresponding threads.
1. Triangular self-tapping screws are ideal screw-forming screws for improving the reliability of screw-locking operations and reducing costs. Because the threads are triangular, the bottom hole taps with the apex of the triangle for plastic processing, and can tap one side and complete the lock on one side. operation.
2, in the screw lock pay operation, the cost of the screw is only about 15%, and tapping, other supporting parts and lock operation accounted for about 85%, so from the removal of tapping? To reduce the job torque? To prevent the screw loose? Increase the screw For reliability considerations such as locking and lowering costs, triangle tapping screws should be preferred.
3. Compared with the metric mechanical screw, the triangular tapping screw has a bottom hole without pre-tapping, strong locking force does not require the use of a lock washer, and good strength can be used with a smaller diameter screw.
4, compared with the general self-tapping screws, triangular self-tapping screws with a small lock torque? Lock pay button force? Retention force? Good anti-loose effect? ​​No chip powder?

Shower rod, Shower Reinforcement Bar also call shower glass support bar or glass panel bracing bar, it mounts directly to the wall or ceiling to secure vertical fixed glass panels at multiple angles.

A great solution for glass panel needing to be secured to an adjacent wall for stability but that wall is not at 90° to the fixed panel or glass-to-ceiling application is not a standard angle.



1. Material: Brass Head/ Mount+ Stainless Steel Bar

2. Surface: Chrome Polished Finish

3. Suitable for 6-12mm glass

4. NO glass cut-out / drilling needed

5. Length: 300-500mm, accept customize length. More flexible: adjustable length or cut-to-short  to customize fit for your bathroom.

6. Installation: Shower Screen Support Bar assembled without notch or drilling hole in the glass (thru-glass supply bar also available). Holds the glass panel in place with an adjustable clip tightened by a plastic tipped screw.

7. 45°, 90° or Multi-Angle fixing option; Wall-to-Glass, Ceiling-to-Glass or Glass-to-Glass 


Shower Rod

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