How to choose small people's furniture to teach you

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Do not buy furniture that has a strong pungent smell. Some furniture, such as cabinets, when you buy it, open the drawer and open the door to stimulate the smell of tears. This situation indicates that the formaldehyde content of this furniture is seriously exceeded.

With the arrival of the wedding peak period, the furniture market is heating up again, and all kinds of novelty furniture are dizzying, but many people buy furniture that is not satisfactory.

Some furniture looks good, but the materials are full of harmful substances. Other furniture are very good when bought, but they are scattered for a long time. How should we buy furniture? What kind of furniture can't be bought? ?

Don't buy if the price is low and the price is particularly easy. Don't say anything else, the price is so easy, think about it for sure, there are some problems, some furniture prices are particularly cheap, sometimes the price can even cost thousands of dollars, in fact, most of the furniture is used a lot of low quality Materials are often made out of gold and jade, and consumers should be careful about this seemingly cheap.

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